Health Over Stigma - Defenders Application
Women around New Delhi are standing up to the shame and stigma that we face almost everyday in relation to our bodies and our sexual health. We are no longer going to let stigma stand over the importance of ourselves and our health!

Do you want to become a defender of women's rights and stand up in this fight to demand non-judgemental services from gynaecologists in Delhi? Do you want to move from just talking about change to playing a pivotal role in this strong and powerful movement? Not sure if you meet the criteria to be a SRHR Defender, read more information here:

Fill in the application form below for a chance at getting selected as a Defender for Health Over Stigma! Defenders are passionate women who will be working on the ground to drive actions, engage more women and reclaim our access to services!

30 Defenders will be selected to join Health Over Stigma and this is a 4 month long engagement. The Mandatory on-boarding for the Defenders will take place on Sunday the 5th of February & applications close on January 26th

This campaign is spearheaded by Haiyya a Non-Profit Campaigning Organization. Read about us @ If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us at

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