L4FA After School Program
Lead for Future Academy (L4FA), a local non-profit organization, provides high quality enriched academic after school programs with multi-themes. The daily arrangement is colorful ranging from language learning, geographic bee, math to drama, singing, chess etc.

Time: after school - 6:30pm Monday - Friday (noon- 6:30pm for early dismissal days at NO additional charge)

Location: Clarksburg
MCPS School Bus Transportation from local elementary School to CES (at NO additional charge)

$310(5 days)
$260(4 days)
$230(3 days)
$210 (2 days)
sibling 10% off
# one time registration fee: $20/child; $30/family

www.lead4future.org; email: L4fainfo@gmail.com

放学后孩子们去哪里,请来我们的课后班!🎉应科堡不断壮大的孩子们课后教育需要Lead for future Academy L4FA,🎉将 提供中文为主多文化课后班服务,multitheme after school program. 满足社区需要,给孩子提供最好的教育平台是我们最大的目标。

师资:中文学校资深中文老师以及其他有教学经验的老师。我们不仅教授同时注重情商培养,和bees的课程设计。我们还会提供课后作业辅导,drama,唱歌,chess, 和舞蹈等。而且也会因应家长要求开办更多主题的活动。一定让孩子们开开心心安安全全度过课后的时光。
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