December 2017 - TechRaptor Reader Survey
Every month, we're looking for YOUR voice on a single question about gaming, which we'll take the best responses from and compile them into an article for everyone to see!

Some notes:
- By responding to this survey, you are giving TechRaptor permission to use your response in an article
- TechRaptor may not use all responses
- We've limited the character amount to make sure each person's response falls within a certain length

What game in 2017 do you feel deserves more attention? *
Is there a game you played this year that was absolutely a standout game for you, but that you feel not enough people have played? What is it?
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Why do you feel that game deserves more attention? *
For the previous question - why do you feel that game deserves more press/attention?
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(Clean) Nicknames are a-ok, but we won't accept any form of URLs or Twitter handles. If the supplied name is not clean or the space is left blank you will be attributed as "Anonymous".
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