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Ongoing Positions
Choir Treasurer
Mrs. Wong-Dobkin was the lead for this vital position. She is willing to train and help the incoming treasurer. It consists of processing contributions and payments coming in and reporting the total numbers to Dr. Morton and Marites Smith, the Music Program Booster Treasurer.
Helping the Choir Treasurer
There are also specific fund-raising events that need a lead, and I would love to spread the work around.
Dress and Tuxedo Fitting
This is primarily for the first few weeks of school, and requires coming to the choir room during the school day to help out. Mrs. Wright is the lead this year, but needs help and needs to turn the reins over for next year.
Music Booster Choir Representative
Membership and Communications
This position requires learning how we set up gmail, gmail contacts, and then working with Mrs Wright for sending emails and coordinating volunteers.
Events needing Volunteers
Please read each description and mark if you are interested in helping. Please contact Dr. Morton if you do not hear back from me soon enough to secure your own planning.
Class Periods: 1st - all boys 2nd - Chamber Girls (mostly older) 5th- Treble Girls (mostly younger)
While you do not necessary have to participate in events that your son/daughter is in, you probably would like to know.
Black Box Concert (Monday) 9/10 3:00-4:30 PM
This concert is at Homestead. Only 3 weeks into school, it is for choirs to sing for each other. The only parents allowed are the ones who help. :) We need a few parents to set up the refreshments, and stand guard during the concert so that nobody takes them. Parents 'rotate' who is on guard, so that each parent can see their son or daughter perform. This concert is for students to sing for each other, with no one else invited to watch except for parents who are helping, so this is your ticket to see the choir's first performance.
CHOIR RETREAT - (Fri-Sun) 9/14-16 - Chaperone
We need at 4 female chaperones and 1 male chaperones in the cabins each night. During the day, you will also help supervise and chaperone to keep the trip fun and safe. Some parents may need to drive students there or back.
CHOIR RETREAT - (Fri-Sun) 9/14 and 9/16 - DRIVERS
Whether or not you can chaperone (above), please indicate if you can help drive for this event. We do take a bus, but often have spill over and need a few more seats. We also need a truck to help with risers and the keyboard.
Real Men Sing- SJSU Men's Choir on Sept 28th
once you drop us off, you can read a book or work on a laptop while you listen. Also fine to drop off, go away, and come back. The group is small enough that only I must be there.
Treble Choir Exchange - Oct 10 (Wednesday) - 3:30-5:30pm
we will take a bus if we are able to pull off this event.
Exchange Tour, including Grace Cathedral SF (Oct 11th, Thursday)
Chamber Choir Girls and Probably Full Men’s Choir. Exchange with Aragon High School in the AM, then sing in Grace Cathedral with Burton High School and Albany High School. 9:30am-5pm. We need some chaperones on the bus :)
Fall Concert and Potluck, Oct 18, Thurs 4-8 PM
We need help organizing the potluck, setting it up, and cleaning up afterwards. (Date might change to 10/19)
Women's Exchange Concert (Nov 14th, Wednesday)
Chamber Choir Girls are participating. We are HOSTING this event on our campus. We need lots of help. The event is 3:30-10pm, but the most help is needed around dinner- like 5:30-7pm.
Winter Concert Dec 5 (Weds) @HHS
We need a few parents to help set up cookies/refreshments for after the concert.
Plan San Francisco Trip
Contact venues to schedule times to sing and work out logistics.
12/21 Singing for Faculty Brunch (morning), then trip to San Francisco
I have some flexibility and may be able to help during the day, during class period of my child, for things such as exchanges with CMS or in-class needs.
Anything you would like me to know.
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