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Please complete this form and we will make sure that the appropriate committee receives your contact information. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time and talents to better our school.
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Trojan Legion
The Trojan Legion our parent organization that is comprised of EVERY parent at TSA. Trojan Legion has a Board of Directors that meet monthly to plan and coordinate events on behalf of the parent organization.
I would like to help Trojan Legion with:
I would like to volunteer to assist with:
I would like to volunteer to assist with:
Lower School
Many parent volunteer opportunities will be available at Orientation when students return for the new school year. You will learn about specific grade-level opportunities that day.
I would like to assist with:
Middle School
To be considered to serve as a grade-level representative, please check the corresponding box.
1 boy parent, 1 girl parent per grade
I would like to assist with:
Upper School
I would like to assist with:
Fine Arts
I would like to assist with:
I would like to be a member of the Trojan List and volunteer my skills in the following area(s)
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