THE CADRE Application 2019-2020
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What is your date preference for your advances here in Atlanta? These are Monday and Tuesday dates. Most fly/drive in on Sunday afternoon/evening and head out on Wednesday morning. GROUP A- October/March -or- GROUP B- December/April *
Because participation in The Cadre will help to fund Youth Leader's Coach (YLC) vision "To encourage, equip, inspire, and instruct the youth leaders of this generation," are you comfortable with the yearly payment of $1,500 to YLC? *
(Note: This may be a combination of personal contributions and/or church and youth ministry contributions. Several individuals intend to use their "yearly conference budget" for THE CADRE. Other people have requested that Christian businessmen underwrite their experience as an investment into the youth of our generation. Once you arrive in Atlanta, housing (in ALC apartments), transportation, and the majority of your food costs are all covered.)
Please select the statement that best applies to your current youth ministry standing: *
In addition to working in youth/young adult ministry, do you have another paid occupation? If "Yes," what is your occupation/job?
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If you have served in youth leadership at other churches before this time, how long have you been in youth/young adult ministry leadership as a TOTAL? *
What church or ministry do you represent? *
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Approximately, how many people does your youth/young adult ministry average on a weekly basis (NOT including leaders or yourself) ? *
Out of this number, approximately: How many are MIDDLE SCHOOL students?
Out of this number, approximately: How many are HIGH SCHOOL students?
Out of this number, approximately: How many are COLLEGE/CAREER Individuals?
Approximately, what is the size of your leadership team? *
Does your youth/young adult ministry currently have a "small group" ministry implemented? *
If yes, how often do they meet and what approximate percentage of your students are involved in small groups?
Youth/Young Adult Ministry Website (if applicable)
MENTORING NOTE FOR SOME: Don't make these questions too hard! If you make this process too complicated, the application deadline will come and go... with your efforts still not completed! - Jeanne
If you were selected to join THE CADRE, describe what you would hope to gain from this year-long experience. *
If you could change one thing about your current ministry, what would that be and why? *
If you could change one thing about YOURSELF personally, what would that be and why? *
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