NZRE Citizenship Form
Welcome to the Republic of NZRE! If you are at this form page, you likely are interested in becoming a NZRE citizen. We're always happy to hear that. Please fill out the form below to become a citizen.
NZRE Citizen Information
- You will follow NZRE laws.
- You can elect Senators for NZRE Parliament.
- You will be classified as a NZRE citizen.
- You will pay taxes to your host macronation, as foreign aid.
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You will receive a confirmation email with your NIN (NZRE Identity Number). Robots use NIN#001. Non-citizens use NIN#000.

Disclaimer: As a citizen, you are obligated to receive public service announcements sent out via email or any other method from the government. These are mandatory for all citizens. Public service announcements are kept to a minimum and only broadcasted when necessary. Your information is retained and stored by the Bureau of Registry and may be shared amongst other government agencies. Your data will not be directly shared to any organization or individual outside of the NZRE government unless your consent is given. Your basic information such as name and NIN number may be displayed on the NZRE website. You can request that any public posting of your information be removed at any time. Citizenships can be revoked as a penalty of law or voluntarily. To revoke your citizenship, follow this link:

Bureau of Registry
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Republic of NZRE

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