Midway ISD New Transfer Application Process
Thank you for your interest in Midway ISD. Please read this information in its entirety.

Midway ISD is accepting new out-of-district transfers for the 2021-22 school year as space allows to include all grade levels (exception of Pre-K). Applicants must meet the criteria and be willing to pay the fees associated. The 2021-22 transfer information must be completed and submitted by the July 15, 2021 deadline. Submissions will be time stamped. Transfers will be processed and reviewed on a first-come first-served, case by case basis. Incomplete transfer packets will not be considered.

Enrollment of nonresident students is based on campus capacity. In addition to serving those students who reside in the campus attendance zone, campus capacity is defined as accommodating additional students without incurring additional cost in the form of teachers or classrooms. Availability of space and instructional staff are factors considered when accepting and making placements of inter-district transfer students. Parents/guardians will be notified by no later than July 30th regarding acceptance and campus placement. Placement is solely determined by the District for grades K-6.

Please Note: Parents should not complete the MISD online enrollment process until being informed of the particular campus assignment.

Inter-district transfers are evaluated year by year, contingent on compliance with Policy FDA(LOCAL). The district reserves the right to discontinue this practice should it be determined that it is no longer economically feasible or that space is no longer available. Returning students must reapply on an annual basis.

Revocation of Transfer
Students who transfer into Midway ISD must follow all rules and regulations of the district, including, but not limited to, district policies and regulations, the Student Code of Conduct, and academic and attendance expectations. Failure to fulfill any of these responsibilities as described in FDA(LOCAL) will result in the revocation of the transfer agreement.

In determining whether a nonresident student shall be permitted to enroll in District schools, the Superintendent's designee shall consider the following factors:
1. The availability of space and instructional staff.
2. The student’s disciplinary and criminal record.
a) A student shall not be allowed to transfer into the District if he or she has incurred a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) placement or has been suspended or expelled for one or more days during the most recent school year.
b) Recurring or persistent disciplinary problems may be sufficient reasons for rejecting a transfer request.
3. The student’s attendance record. A student shall not be allowed to transfer into the District if his or her attendance records for the most recent school year indicate less than 90 percent attendance.
4. Whether the student made satisfactory academic progress during the previous school year. A student shall not be allowed to transfer into the District if he or she has not performed at or above grade level on the most recent state-mandated assessments and satisfied requirements for all academic courses from the previous school year.
5. Any additional factors not prohibited by law as deemed relevant by the Superintendent.

The Board annually determines the transfer fee. The transfer fee for the 2021-22 school year is $1000.00 payable in equal payments of $500.00 before the first day of each semester. Revocation of transfer status will result if payments are not received on time. Payment can be made online at the MISD Webstore, in person at the Receipts Window at Midway High School, or at Midway Administration Offices.

Any appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) and GF(LOCAL), as appropriate.

For more information about the transfer process, contact Kim Byrd @ 761-5619 or email kim.byrd@midwayisd.org.

Please complete all information below and also submit the following documentation:

1) Academic Record – Include most recent academic record (latest report card or transcript) and latest assessment testing scores. The transfer application is not complete until updated records have been submitted. Student records must include any special services provided to the student.

2) Attendance Record – A complete record of attendance from the most recent year of school must be included. (May be included on report card.)

3) Discipline and/or criminal record – School records or written records describing any school discipline for the current school year must be submitted. Records must include a description of any criminal record or pending criminal proceedings. If no records exist, a memo or letter from the registrar or campus administrator must verify that there were no discipline infractions for the student.

Please note that as a first time transfer student, your child's transfer request will not be considered until all required information and documentation is received.
I have read the following information: *
Policy FDA (LOCAL) - Admissions: Inter-district Transfers http://alturl.com/xvju7 Dress and Grooming Guidelines found in the Student Handbook http://alturl.com/mh2uz and UIL Eligibility Requirements http://alturl.com/b7xcp
I fully understand that: *
Parents are expected to provide complete accurate information regarding their children. (Complete records from the previous school will be reviewed upon receipt by Midway Schools. Testing scores from the 2020-21 school year will need to be provided) Falsified, incomplete or inaccurate records may be grounds for immediate revocation of transfer.
In order to maintain a transfer status, I understand my child must: *
Attend school according to the Midway school policy and Texas Education Code 25.092. Remain in compliance with the Student Code of Conduct, and have no referrals to In-School Suspension or to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program. Receive passing grades in all courses and receive passing scores on state mandated assessments. Comply with all of District’s transfer policy FDA(LOCAL) requirements.
Student's Last Name *
Student's First Name *
Student's Middle Initial *
Student's Date of Birth *
Student's Grade for the 2021-22 School Year *
Parent/Guardian’s Last Name *
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Address *
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Zip Code *
Home Phone *
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Special Programs/Services My Child Receives *
Resident School District *
This is the district your child should be attending according to where you physically live.
Resident Campus *
This is the particular campus within the district where you physically live.
I have read and understand the following: *
The transfer is granted conditionally on student behavior, academic effort, and attendance, including tardies and the transfer may be revoked. The transfer is effective for one school year only. Transportation to the requested school is my responsibility. Falsification of information is a Class A Misdemeanor and can lead to legal action.
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