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Hello! Please complete the following form so that an ILAAP online questionnaire can be generated for your ILI session.

You will be asked to fill in the section information for your course section on the following page. Information for up to 5 courses or course sections may be entered. If you wish to use a different set of questions for each course section, please fill out the form once for each questionnaire you would like made. If you have more than 5 course sections you may fill out the form as many times as necessary.

Please note that questions appearing on the document named "Opinion & Demographic Questions (pdf) – qualitative questions" are listed first, and questions appearing on the document named "Learning Assessment Questions (pdf) – quantitative questions" are listed after the qualitative questions.
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A One-Shot Test is performed post instruction. A Pre-Test is performed prior to instruction, in conjunction with a Post-Test performed after instruction.
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