Buddy program registration 2019
The Society of Spanish Researchers in Denmark is happy to announce that we are starting a buddy program within our members.

You can read the guidelines here https://bit.ly/2HpKE4j and you MUST be a member of CED (associate or full member)
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We want to know a bit more about yourself, to help us pairing you up with your future buddy
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In case of not being a member, you MUST sign up here https://goo.gl/forms/3tMw4jtiV1Vkt8m82 .
Which delegation of CED do you belong? *
In other words, in which city you will take active part in the buddy program (i.e. where are you planning to meet with your buddy)?
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You can read the guidelines here https://bit.ly/2HpKE4j
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What is your main occupation in Denmark? *
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What is your scientific field? *
Choose the general field that applies the closest, you will be able to be more specific in the next question. Try to use one of the specified ones, and not go directly to the "other" field
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We want to know you better, so we can do perfect matches. Choose a maximum of 4
Do you have any preference regarding the nationality of the buddy? *
We cannot guarantee that you will get what you have chosen here, but we will do our best to accommodate to your wishes
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