UAW LOCAL 249 Standing Committee Sign-Up
We are looking for dedicated, caring people for standing committees. Amount of available time is flexible. Willingness to build union and share talents a must. Apply in person at our Union Hall, Call 816-454-6333 or fill out the form below

Vibrant local unions and progressive social movements don’t just happen; they are planned for and worked on by people like you - members who care about the future and status of our union, members who care about what kind of future we want for all working families.

One way to make a difference in all aspects of our union movement is through standing committees. Local Union Standing Committees are the tools through which the policies and programs aimed at strengthening our union are put to work. These committees support UAW members by implementing activities that further the social, economic and political goals of the UAW. Local Union Standing Committees are made up of individuals who may have a special interest or strength in a particular area or they may just want to learn more about a subject and find a way to contribute to the labor movement. An effective standing committee uses the diversity of its local membership to bring together ideas, opinions and information needed to support common labor objectives that include:

 Building solidarity among the membership
 Encouraging members to take part in activities in the local union
 Providing communication links within the workplace
 Becoming politically active
 Working with other standing committees to keep the membership informed of current issues
 Educating members to become active in the local union by setting up classes and exchanging information on
    issues that concern working families
 Working with our coalition partners in building a progressive social movement.
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If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Local Union President Jason Starr at 816-454-6333 or
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