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Dear New LCS Family,

Lincoln Charter transportation allows us to assist families by offering a reliable transportation option, reduces traffic on campus during carpool times, is comparatively friendly to the environment, and offers significant cost savings.

An example of this cost savings is: Assuming that a family lives 5 miles from campus, they will drive 20 miles per day to participate in morning and afternoon carpool. Also assuming $2.25/gal gas and using a car that achieves 20 miles per gallon - a family will spend $405 in gas for school transportation. Please note that this example does not account for wear and tear on vehicles, additional trips, etc. Below in the registration form you will find flexible options to select a suggested donation in support of our LCS Transportation program.

All applications must be completed prior to August 1st.
** Families with multiple children - you must complete a bus registration for each individual student**

Please note that seats are limited and once the bus stop is full, it will no longer be listed as a choice.

Bus Stops are subject to change - pending driver and bus availability.

Pick Up and Drop Off Locations:
We have several stops that are designed to service the majority of our students. Please note that these arrival and departure times may change, as needed.

Bus Stop AM Arrival AM Departure PM Arrival

7:00 am 7:15 am 3:30 pm

7:00 am 7:10 am 3:45 pm

Cooks Memorial Presbyterian Church
7:00 am 7:15 am 3:30 pm

Denver Walmart
7:15 am 7:30 am 3:15 pm

Hwy 16/150
7:15 am 7:30 am 3:15 pm

6:40 am 6:45 am 4:00 pm

Lucia Baptist Church
7:15 am 7:30 am 3:20 pm

Meadowlake Church
7:00 am 7:15 am 3:30 pm

Mt Island Church of Christ
6:55 am 7:10 am 3:30 pm

Mt. Isle Harbor
7:00 am 7:15 am 3:30 pm

Stone Water
7:00 am 7:15 am 3:20 pm
(for neighborhood residents)

Bus Stop Details

- Birkdale bus stop is located at the Elevation Church parking lot
on Catawba Ave.
- Bogercity bus stop is located on Hwy 27 in the old Winn Dixie
parking lot, in front of the fitness center
- Cooks bus stop is located in the parking lot of the Church in
front of the Scout Hut.
- Denver Walmart bus stop is located in the parking lot outside
of the Lawn and Garden Entrance
- Hwy 16/150 bus stop is located in the parking lot beside the
Burger King, in front of the Food Lion
- Lincolnton bus stop is located at the Lincoln Charter School
Lincolnton campus.
- Lucia bus stop is located in the parking lot on the left side of
Lucia Baptist Church on Hwy 16.
- Meadowlake bus stop is located in the parking lot of the
Meadowlake Presbyterian Church located on Gilead Rd.
- Mt. Island Church of Christ bus stop is located on Mt. Holly/
Huntersville Rd.
- Mt. Isle Harbor bus stop is located in the parking lot across
from the community club house/pool.
- Stone Water bus stop is located in the parking lot beside
the community swimming pool.

Questions about bus registration should be directed to:

PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR RETURNING LCS STUDENTS. PLEASE GO TO MyPaymentsPlus to complete your bus registration for returning LCS students. The form below is for NEW-TO-LCS STUDENTS ONLY.

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