Harriet and Adanna Cast & Crew Application 2019
The Hideout Theatre’s 2019 production of “Harriet and Adanna Save Capitol High” directed by Margaret Hunsicker and Kaci Beeler will be auditioning on Sunday, March 3rd, 4-9pm.
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What is this show?
"Harriet and Adanna Save Capitol High” is a deliciously silly, contemporary, mystery romp inspired in part by the “Scooby Doo” franchise and more recently, the 2018 film “Daphne and Velma.”

The world of the show is set in an American high school in 2019 with themes of friendship, empowerment, science, mystery, and magic.

In every performance, our rotating leads and two best friends (Harriet and Adanna) are two misfit teen detectives in a world of smartphones, apps, STEM elective classes, and weird, made-up improv science. Their goal is to determine if there is IN FACT something paranormal happening at Capitol High (evidence says something strange is happening!).

Is it ghosts? Witches? Mark Zuckerburg clones? A mean adult wearing a mask the whole time?? They’ll get to the bottom of it - alongside an ensemble cast of weirdo kids and teens, weirdo adults, and all kinds of larger-than-life town folk - and have a whole bunch of fun on the way there.

Our Casting Needs
We are looking to cast a diverse group of actors with improv experience who can bring to the show a dynamic mix of personalities.

We want people who are willing to drink the goof juice and turn their own brand of creativity and weirdness up to 100. We also need people with a strong sense of the "shape of show", so we can make a compelling mystery that ties up in a nice narrative bow at the end.

We want team players who are ready to work together to make "Harriet and Adanna Save Capitol High" a blast for all of us and our audience.

Tips/What To Bring To The Audition
* Plan to arrive early as traffic in Austin and downtown parking can be tricky.
* Please wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or bare feet - it's a safety thing) and clothes you feel comfortable moving in.
* The audition will consist of improv exercises and set-ups. We highly recommend you watch some of the source materials we listed above to get a sense of the world/style - and then feel free to bring your own contemporary twist in the moment alongside your fellow auditioners.
* Your awesome self!
What's the time commitment?
Wednesday evenings in March, April, and May

A preview show May 2 with shows Saturdays May 4, 11, 18, 25; June 1, 8, 15, 22

It’s vital that all cast members can commit to the majority, if not all, of these dates. It’s a challenging show and we need everyone on board! (We know rehearsals are around the holidays.) Actors may be asked to provide pieces of their own wardrobe.

If all that looks good to you, then SIGN UP! We can’t wait to see you at auditions!

Any other questions?
Any questions? Feel free to email us- kacibeeler@gmail.com and margarethunsuck@gmail.com
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