PAX Australia 2017 Gym Leader Application
We're looking for up-and-coming trainers from around the world to don the green scarf and defend the honour of the PAX Pokémon League at PAX AUSTRALIA 2017!

Applications will be open until May 4! Don't delay! To be fair to everyone, we cannot accept late submissions!

IMPORTANT NOTE: SAVE THE LINK TO THIS FORM. That way, if you need to come back and edit this entry later, you can just return to the link! Just make sure you don't forget to finish your application by the deadline!!

This is a Frequently Asked Question, so I'll answer it here: if you have more than one gym leader idea, that's fine, put your best/most likely one here. If you want to change later, and there's no conflict with your typing, it's a possibility we can talk about. But for fairness, we can only consider one entry per person.

Full details on what being a gym leader entails can be found here:

Email address
Real Name:
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PPL Forum Handle
If you don't have one, go make one!
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Twitter Handle
(If you have one)
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Phone Number
(Note that there will be deadlines before PAX for you to turn in certain materials [dues, costume description, bio, etc], and if you miss these deadlines, you won't be allowed to participate! PLEASE let us know if circumstances make it hard to meet a deadline. If you keep us up to date, we can be flexible, but if you disappear, we may assume you lost interest!)
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State of Residence
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If you're under 13, we need parental permission for you to participate. Submit your application, and if you're accepted we'll contact you about the additional steps needed.
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Have you attended PAX before?
What is your past experience with the PAX Pokemon League?
Your answer
To be the very best, the best there ever was, the PPL does need you to do some things in the next ~200 days.
Are you able to pay to have your badges made?
(historically this is ~$50 shipped)
Are you able to pay for the materials for the scarf?
($12; We only charge for the materials, the scarfs are hand-made by volunteers just like you)
Do you have a 3-day pass to PAX AUSTRALIA 2017 (or a plan to get one?)
PAX passes go quickly, so if you don't have one already, it might be tough to get one! We want to make sure the leaders we accept can actually get to PAX.
Do you have any other commitments before the con? (Jobs, school, etc)
There will be deadlines before PAX for you to turn in certain materials [dues, costume description, bio, etc], and if you miss these deadlines, you won't be allowed to participate!
Your answer
Do you have any other commitments during PAX? (Enforcing, running a panel/booth, PAX Prank, etc.)
We welcome people with other responsibilities, including enforcers and people working booths but we want those that can devote at least a few hours per day to the league, or take challenges at their posts.
Your answer
This is the stuff you make up! We really value applications that show people have put some thought/effort into this!
Leader Name
Your answer
Leader Tag
Goes after your leader name. Most of the time it's "the X Y!" where X is one or two adjectives and Y is a one or two word noun-phrase. Like "Misty, the Tomboyish Mermaid!" or "Erica, the Nature-Loving Princess!" or "Jasmine, the Steel-Clad Defense Girl!"
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Preferred Type/Theme
e.g., 'Water'. Can be more specific, such as 'Fish-Shaped Pokemon,' or more quirky, such as 'All Stunfisk.' This MUST BE SPECIFIC. Things other than monotype will be closely scrutinized. We can only accept a few themed teams, so you have a better chance of getting accepted with monotype teams.
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Badge Name
One word, if possible, like the games. (Also unless you're cosplaying a leader from the games, or have a good reason for it, try to avoid reusing badge names that already exist [e.g., the Rainbow Badge, the Fog Badge])
Your answer
Badge Design Concept
In order for a leader application to be accepted, you MUST have a design concept for your badge. While there's an explicit template badges will have to include (the PPL logo), leaders are free to create their badge on their own. We have plenty of help available for the less-artistically-inclined to help make your concept a stunning reality. We do need some help from you, though, so we have something to go on. An MSPaint sketch would work nicely, but if you're even MSPaint challenged, a detailed description is acceptable. -Here's a bad example: "My badge will be the FIRE badge. It will be FIRE and also RED." -Here's a good example: "My badge will be the EXCELLENCE badge! I want a cell-shaded picture of a north African dung beetle, from the side, facing to the right, with a top hat on its head, against a yellow polka-dot background.
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Costume Concept
Please write down what you plan to actually wear to PAX as a leader. Costumes encouraged, but not required. Minimal, comfortable costume designs/elements that help people pick you out of a crowd are great.
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Leader Bio
Your answer
Roughly, what sort of Gym Leader do you think you'll be? (We actually want leaders from all of these categories, so be honest!)
In general, to give you some idea: Casual: maybe you do a bit of EV training. Intermediate: you EV train, think about type coverage and such. Veteran: you EV train and IV train
Would you like to be considered for the Elite Four/Champion?
This isn't set in stone, just so we know who to ask later. Note that the E4/Champ will get many more battles on Saturday and into Sunday, and the battles will tend to be tougher.
What is your favorite Pokémon?
Your answer
What was your first Pokémon game?
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Do you have any skills that might be useful to the League? (e.g., drawing, photoshop, cosplay experience, twitch streaming, youtube videos, marketing experience, printing, crafting, etc)
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3DS Friend Code
If you'd like to include it!
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