St. Edward's: Key Worker form
Please complete the form below if you are a keyworker and require childcare for your child after 6th January. Once you have completed the form we will add your child's name to the list and will get in touch with you about when your child can start attending.
Before your child attends, you may be asked to provide evidence e.g. a letter from your employer stating you are a keyworker. School may need to ring you to discuss your request further.
Child's full name *
What year group is your child in? *
Job title and 'critical' sector of main parent/carer *
Name, address and email/phone number of employer *
Job title and 'critical' sector of PARENT/CARER 2 *
Name, address and email/phone number of employer for PARENT/CARER 2 *
We understand that some parents may not want their child to attend everyday. Please indicate which days your child will need to attend. *
Are their any questions/queries you would like to ask?
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