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Do you feel called to be involved in the life of a University of Findlay student, providing guidance and encouragement as they pursue a deeper relationship with God?

'Covenant Connect' seeks to provide spiritual accountability and mentoring for interested students, matching up students who desire spiritual guidance and insight with community members who have a measure of wisdom and experience to give. We grow best in the faith when we are in vital community with one another. Part of being in vital community is maintaining a healthy sense of accountability. Covenant Connect helps to structure opportunities to do just that.

Fill out the following application. If a student is in need of spiritual guidance—and a pairing seems favorable—we’ll connect you! Should a match be made, further instructions and details will follow. Questions? 419-434-5624.

We will process your application responses and seek to make a match soon! You will be notified by email when the match is made, at which time two things will happen: first, you will be provided with the survey portion of your student’s application to give you a few insights into who they are before you meet; second, we’ll ask you to initiate setting up an initial time and place to meet.

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If you have a request for a specific Covenant Connect partner, please indicate a name below, giving a brief explanation for your request. No guarantees, but we do promise to strive for the best Covenant Connect relationships possible!
Personal Testimony: In addition to answering the above questions, we ask that you please share a brief version (appx 500 words) of your personal testimony, answering the following: describe what it was like when Christ found you and saved you from your sins; how did you come to make a decision to follow Him? How has your life changed as a result? *
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