Scholarship Application
This scholarship is specifically geared for those who are in need from underrepresented communities. We will offer 4 complete scholarships. This includes badge and shared room space. If additional funds become available, partial travel assistance may later become available, but is not guaranteed. The email address you provide will be used to communicate with you if you are awarded the scholarship. Failure to respond within 7 days to email notification will be considered forfeiture of the scholarship.
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Have you ever attended an erotic hypnosis conference before? Describe your experience, if yes. *
Please tell us about your involvement in your local BDSM/Kink and/or Hypnosis communities. *
Which of these terms would best describe you? (Please select all that apply) *
What, if any, accommodations do you need to be able to enjoy the conference?
Some people enjoy volunteering as a way to meet new people. Please let us know if you would be open to volunteering to help at the conference. (NOT required in order to obtain a scholarship) *
Please write a short essay (250 - 500 words) OR include a link to a video/audio essay (3-7 minutes) on what hypnosis means to you and why you want to come to Beguiled. *
If you receive a scholarship, you will be staying in a room with 3 other people and sharing a bed with 1. Do you have any personal preferences or restrictions that we need to be aware of? *
By submitting this application, I confirm that I am unable to attend the conference without a scholarship. If I am awarded the scholarship, I promise to use the resources provided, barring extenuating circumstances. I also attest that I am 18 years or older, and will follow the consent and policy guidelines already in place. *
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