The Naughty List 2 Designer Application

The Naughty List 2 Event brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.
December 9-31
Applications close Nov. 1st or when full. Payment due upon acceptance/ no later than Nov. 1st.

This event is all about Santa's list! Have you been naughty or nice all year? Each designer will pick naughty or nice and design in that theme. There will be 2 exclusive tags to mark your item(s). Fair will be divided into 2 themed sections. This is a holiday event and we strongly encourage everyone to design items that are in theme, gift-able, and gachas only for the holidays and naughty/nice theme.


Available stores/sizes-

100 prims/ 2 gacha machines INCLUDED / name on poster and all social media/ around landing point of the event $2800L

50 prims $1200L

15 prims $500L

Gacha machines $199L first come basis

Billboards $299 first come basis

Gacha machines will be divided up into different areas of the sim. Priced $199L each. These machines are not assigned and can be purchased on a first come basis once the sim is open for designer set-up. If you cam on and purchase prior to that, your machines will be returned with no refund. Sponsors will have 2 machines in front of their stores and are the only ones that will have guaranteed machines. Sponsors can buy additional machines in the general gacha areas.

You may put a demo sign/picture up with your machine if needed.

All levels are required to have 1 exclusive item for the event. The theme is the naughty or nice list. There will be 2 exclusive tags for this event depending on whether your items are considered naughty or nice. If you do not have your item marked, you will be contacted to fix it. covers our events and if you want yours in their gallery, you need to have it ready in time and marked.


2 requirements for the event- 1 exclusive item tagged either naughty or nice and 1 gift inside your store priced at 10L. Box will be provided.

In-world and marketplace stores accepted.

No kids stores allowed to apply-adult style event.

Adult themed items are fine-just remember this is a moderate sim so no rape/violent sex in displays.

Must be in the Evil Bunny Productions group for the duration of the event. Maximum of 2 people per store are allowed in the group. Tag is required for space entry and building.

This is not a discounted event-you can price things however you like, just be sure to follow all TOS of creators.

Do not violate the TOS of LL. Do not use any real world logos, copyrighted items or break TOS of creators in-world. Any items causing this issue will be returned to you.

The set-up deadline is FRIDAY DECEMBER 8TH AT 6PM SLT. If you are not set-up and have not contacted Allie Munro or sent her a NC with an update, you will be replaced without any questions or refund. We understand RL happens, but to keep things running smoothly, we keep a wait list of designers to plug in. All we ask is you KEEP US UPDATED. If you are running behind, put a texture up at your shop stating so. DO NOT IM ME- if i am not online, i will not receive it.

If we have extra prims for sale, we will put a notice out and a price if you want to purchase them, otherwise you are expected to stay within your prim limit. Gacha machines, billboards, exclusive tag and gift box are not included in this count.

If you do not provide us with a full perm logo when you pay the event fee, we have no way of setting up your space.

Only scripts allowed are a landmark giver and vendors. NO gacha machines are to be used inside your shop. You may only use the gacha machines provided by the event. No group inviters/greeters. No float text that interferes with your neighbor's space set-up.

All payments are non-refundable. We use payments to pay tier and pay for advertising in SL.

All items must be kept inside your space. Carts are to keep items on and directly in front/on side of cart-do not string items out or take up additional space. If you have a question about your set-up, contact Allie Munro for approval.

You are required to post the event poster/subscriber at your store. If you are a marketplace store only, you are required to place the event texture under the picks of your profile with the event info.

You may decorate your booth however you like as long as you stay within your prim limit and keep items inside your space. We really encourage decorating and making your shop your own. This is the holiday time of the year, go for it!

Once you pay for the event, please send Allie Munro a NC receipt and your full-perm store logo. You will be added to the paid designers list. Once the event before is finished, you will be either given a designer tag if you are already in the group or sent a group invite to add you to the group. Designer packs will go out in November after the event fees are paid.

This is a 1/2 sim event. We will cover it with ads on, group spam, advertisement around SL, & destination guide etc. There is a subscriber set up on the poster for customers to join the evil bunny productions subscriber group to get event info.


Sim build Nov 25- Dec 2

Sim open to designers for set-up Sunday Dec. 3rd-Friday Dec. 8th

DEADLINE FOR SET UP Dec. 8th 6pm SLT (Friday)

EVENT OPENS Dec. 9th at 12 noon SLT (Saturday)

EVENT ENDS Dec. 31st at midnight SLT

Pick up your stores Jan. 1st

Returns start Jan. 2nd


allie munro-event designer/creative director
serenity quar- blogger manager
evil bunny productions

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