Standard Furry ID Badges [by Lady Rain]

So you'd like to order your very own printed onto PVC plastic Furry ID badge?
Well then you're in the right place! Please fill out the entirety of my form below.

The price for one tag including standard shipping is $45 USD with an option to upgrade to tracked shipping below.
(Additional charges for international shipping will apply)

What is included with the price?
-- Unique custom drawn, flat colored artwork of your character
-- Physical printed on PVC badge, just like convention badges are!
-- Badge measures 2.13" x 3.38" in size (think, credit card!)
-- An individualized numbering system (for re-ordering purposes)
-- Option to have a sketched wip preview shown before the art is finished
-- Please note: due to the nature of the plastic printing & sizes of each card, certain limitations may come into effect that I cannot control
-- All orders are shipped via first class via USPS beforehand to ensure delivery before your desired convention!

Once you fill out the form below I will email you a copy of all the details to confirm nothing is missed. Then an invoice will be sent via paypal to the address on file. Please be sure to pay that within 24 hours of receiving it or your order will be canceled.

For all questions, comments or concerns regarding your commission please address them in the last section of the form.

For a full Directory of commission options please click here:

Your characters species *
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Characters name *
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Reference image(s) *
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Desired expression *
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Some finished examples of previous standard furry IDs
Expression help links: Not sure what expression to get? Please feel free to browse my collection of past IDs. If you spot one you'd like me to mimic, please link the submission and tell me the badge name.
Your answer
Would you like a sketched wip to see before the badge is finished? *
You will always get a final wip. This option is just to see sketched wip to make any small expression and/or pose adjustments prior to me inking & finishing.
Your paypal email I can invoice you at *
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Horizontal or vertical orientation *
Desired web address URL (for the QR code) *
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Social media name displayed *
EX: Twitter- @WinterSnoWolf
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Custom barcode text *
No more than 16 total characters, including spaces, any more than 16 & the barcode will not scan properly once printed. Default reads: Art By Lady Rain
What background color you want? *
For a specific hue please select Other & use: or name a color
Would you like a hologram effect added onto the badge?
If yes, please pick which style. if no, leave blank. Please note, it is an additional $10 charge per badge to add a hologram effect.
Convention Deadlines
PLEASE NOTE! Please place your convetion deadlined ID order at least 1 month prior to event to ensure timely delivery.
Are you ordering this badge in time for an upcoming convention? *
If yes, select other & please tell me which one. EX: AC 2019
If yes to the question above, do you want the con abbreviation on the badge? *
It will appear as "AC 2019" very small, right under/ to the side the character art, above the name
Your email address I can send the completed file to *
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Are there any details not to miss already not previously described above?
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How would you like your badge shipped? *
MFF orders are NOT available for pick up: all orders will be shipped. USPS gives an estimate but I am not held responsible if it does not show up on time. To be safe, I strongly recommend purchasing tracked shipping. Upgraded International shipping begins at $15 and you will be provided the customs number along with a photo privately sent of the package.
Your full mailing address as you want it written (extra charges will apply for international shipping) *
First & Last real name, 123 Main Street, City, ST 01234, Country
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Questions, comments and/or concerns please place them here. If you have a promo code please show me it here.
If you would like to add a tip to your invoice amount please specify here and how much (every little bit helps & is appreciated!)
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