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Thank you for proposing a depave project to Depave Chicago. Please provide answers to the questions below. If you don’t have full information for a given question, please provide as much information as you have at this time or answer “N/A.”

We will review proposals in the order they are submitted and will be in touch with you soon!

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What is your relationship to the site? (E.g. the owner, caretaker, teacher at the school, church member, community resident, member of local neighborhood group, etc.) *
If you are not the owner, have you talked about depaving the site with the owner and received interest by them for project exploration? *
Who currently uses the site? *
Do you have a vision for the site once it is depaved? Who will use the site once depaved and greened? Who will benefit by a newly greened space? *
What is your estimate of the area to be depaved?  (The Depave Chicago team will work with you to determine the SF. Projects between 2,500-5,000 are very feasible, and larger projects are also desirable.) *
What activities are you excited about in this process? *
Do you currently have any of the following resources to undertake a depave project? *
Do you have any funding available yet for this proposed project? (Please share information on any donations, grants, or other fundraising efforts.) *
Do you have any information on the history of the site including past uses? *
Is there anything else we should know to consider this proposed project?
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