Theatre@First Anti-Racism Learning Reflection
These questions are intended to help you consider the implications of the material you have engaged with from the Introduction to Anti-Racism Learning.  We encourage you to attend the online discussion to share your reflections with other learners.  
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Which stage in the “Ladder of Empowerment” are you currently on? What steps do you need to take in order to move up to the next stage?
What is white supremacy? What are some of the ways we experience white supremacy in our everyday lives? Do you need to personally agree with the tenets of white supremacy in order to benefit from it? Explain.
How can practicing mindfulness and diversifying our media to include more work by BIPOC artists help us to challenge our implicit biases?
Think about someone telling a racist joke at Theatre@First?  How might you respond?
Which of the characteristics of white supremacy culture are at play in your life? At Theatre@First? How do they stand in the way of racial justice? What are the “antidotes” for the characteristics you listed?
Because this material is only intended as a brief introduction, there is a lot missing.  What are you most aware of and interested in exploring further?
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