Adult Essential Skills Literacy Survey
The Squamish Dream Makers Coalition is a partnership of non-profit organizations that work together to create a literate community where everyone can reach their full potential. By completing this survey, you will help create programs to meet the current learning needs of the community. Thank you!
Were you born in Canada?
If not, what country?
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How many years have you lived in Canada?
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What languages do you speak at home?
List all other languages spoken
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What is your highest level of schooling completed?
My abilities in reading...
Reading: Understanding materials written in sentences or paragraphs.
My abilities in document use...
Document Use: Finding symbols or signs, understanding information on graphs or charts and entering information into tables or forms.
My abilities in numeracy...
Numeracy: Using and thinking with numbers to complete work.
My abilities in writing...
Writing: Communicating by arranging words, numbers and symbols.
My abilities in speaking...
Speaking: I can say what I am thinking & communicate.
My abilities in working with others...
Working with Others: Have the ability to work with others.
My abilities in thinking...
Thinking: Finding and using information to make decisions.
My abilities in computer use...
Computer Use: Using computers and other forms of technology (Ability to send/receive emails, navigate the internet, create spreadsheets or using word processing software).
My abilities in continuous learning...
Continuous Learning: Continue to improve skills and knowledge through on the job training, self-study or formal training.
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Further Information
For further information or to find out about learning opportunities please contact : or go to the Hotspot at 38027 Cleveland Ave. Downtown Squamish.
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