Mega Event on OCD in India
This conference is intended bring eminent Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental health activists, NGOs and other professionals working in the mental health space and persons with Obsessive Compulsive disorder and/or their caregivers on a single platform. The event will bring significant value to the participants. With Experts in the mental health community educating the audience on OCD related topics and answering their questions. The broad topics that we plan to cover are:
1) Political Model for support to individuals with OCD and their caregivers
2) Legal rights of and benefits available to individuals with mental health issues
3) Timely diagnosis and early medical intervention
4)Educative sessions on treatment modalities for OCD
5) Cost effective treatments available in India
6) Managing with the dynamics of different themes of OCD.
7) Role of family and caregivers in treatment of individuals with OCD. Addressing their concerns and legal support available in India.
9) Alternative practices that aid recovery from OCD.
10) Question and answer session between mental health professionals and participants.

This also provides a base to bring together those affected with OCD and to organize future meet up groups in different cities. Last, but not the least, it will host fun activities too.

Stalls will be set for participation from organizations in the mental health space. Logistics will include conference hall, food, resting space and wash rooms.
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