Collecting a History of Silver Makers
If you or a relative worked for a Wlfd. Silver Company and you did not make it to the museum on Sunday, Nov. 17, we can take info at any of our open house events – Dec. 8 for Christmas or reopening in April. OR – fill out and SUBMIT as many of the following 6 items of information as possible plus your name and telephone # in case we want to follow up with you. You can get a Wallace Silver Co. ornament at any time we are open.
Name of Silver Worker: *
Silver Company Where He/She Worked: *
Factory Location (Select one or two)
What was His/Her Job Title (Suggestions) -- Shipping, Marketing, Photography, Office, Clerk, Computer, Billing, Payroll, Personnel, Sales Store, Setup man, polisher, buffer, engraver, toolmaker, die cutter, pattern maker, machinist, plater, drop operator, Supervisor, Foreman, Manager, Quality Control, Other
Years Worked at Silver Company:
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