The Garden Grant: An Arts Grant
The Garden Grant is an arts grant that invites you to make something beautiful. We welcome broad and varied definitions of art. We fund short-term projects and encourage experimental work by diverse, multidisciplinary creatives. The Garden Grant is awarded to independent creatives and is meant to encourage individuals with beautiful ideas, so you do NOT have to be a 501(c)(3) entity, or be affiliated with one, to apply.

At this time, we are prioritizing diverse applicants, so creatives who are LGBTQIA and from communities of color are encouraged to apply. The global pilot of The Garden Grant is supported by the Ford Foundation, so we are excited to welcome applicants from Ghana, Kenya, and Mexico.


1. Who is behind this?
The Garden Grant is a MaacahMedia initiative. Discover

**Note: Grantees are selected by an anonymous five-member review board who are a cross-section of creative disciplines.

2. What's the catch?
If successfully funded, we simply want to see what you've made. Note: this means you must complete the project you propose. We claim no ownership of your project, and you do not have to pay this back--it is neither a loan, nor an investment. All we ask is that you allow The Garden Grant and its affiliates (like MaacahMedia) to share your work and brag about you.

3. What kind of projects is The Garden Grant looking to support?
Expressions of joy. We believe that whimsy is vital, so however you define art, whether as writing, videos, food sculpting, craftwork, or whatever else, you are free to express it as creatively as you wish. You may request up to $10,000 // 1,098,500 KES // ¢60,164 GHS // Mex$ 200,680. However, the review board will determine the exact amounts granted. Precise completion timelines will be project-specific but, in general, all projects should be completable with a year of granting.

4. Can I use this grant to expand one of my existing projects?
Yes, simply show us what you've been working on and how us how this will help you complete or grow your idea.

5. I have follow up questions you haven't answered.
Reach out to us at
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