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In filling out this form you agree to the following terms, which may be negotiated once we make contact with you via email. The organizations taking part in this agreement can purchase a promotions table space at Kogan Con at a predetermined price to advertise their organization in addition to (but not limited too):Giving out information of their organization at the table to guests attending the convention named, giving away promotional items, etc. Organizations who are related to "nerdy or pop culture" references, activities, etc. will have preference in the application review process. The person completing this form will be granted one free badge for themselves and up to 3 additional badges for fellow staff members to attend Kogan Con to run their table all weekend long, but will be expected to purchase their own travel expenses, hotel lodgings, etc. If you have questions regarding this please email us at: or In completing this form you are neither obligated or accepted for a con table swap. The form will be looked over by the Kogan Con Board of Directors, and then one of the staff members will contact you via email to answer any concerns or questions before letting you know if it was approved or not.These slots fill quickly so please don't wait to complete this form, but rather continue on please email us with any questions you may at the email listed above. Thank you. *
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