Make your wishes come true
Today, wills and trust have become more important in protecting and preserving one's assets and loved ones. A will can help you to save time, money and hassle. It is about your right to plan for all your wealth.
If you do not exercise your right, the low will take over and control your wealth distribution
life is full of uncertainties. Act now before it is too late.
To plan is to be prepared !!!
如今、 遗嘱和信托在保护资产及您的挚爱扮演着重要的角色,立写了遗嘱、 您可以省下很多时间及金钱、 更可以避免许多不必要的麻烦为自己的资产作规划是您的权利。 如果您放弃了这个权利您的资产将由法律来操控。 人生中有很多无法预料的事。 别让一切变得太迟、 现在就行动吧! 未雨绸缪!
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1.Do you know.what is a trust?
2.Do you know how a trust can preserve,protect and distribute your wealth?
3.Do you know that you can set up a trust for your insurance?
4.Do you know that an insurance trust can help you prevent your insurance proceeds from being squandered?
5.Have you heard of Rockwills Trustee?
1. Most people work hard for their financial well being and have accumulated assets for their loved ones.
2. Most people tend to neglect planning for the distribution of their accumulated assets.
3. Most people pay more attention to having an insurance policy to protect our loved ones than to having a will.
比起遗嘱、 大多数的人比较注重以购买保险的方式来保护他们的亲人
4. Everyone needs a will but don't see the urgency to write a will.
每个人都需要有一份遗嘱、 可是大多数的人不会即刻写下他的遗嘱
5. A will can help our loved ones to have faster and easier access to our assets.
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