CTL Course Development Application
Thank you for your interest to develop a course with assistance from the Center for Teaching and Learning at UMSL. Please complete the following application.
Program Eligibility
To be eligible to enroll in a course development program, a faculty member must be developing a course that contributes to an online program or degree path (or a previously existing online course), the eLearning initiative, or another reason as specified by department.
Time Commitment
In addition to the 2 hours in Oi9 each week, expect to spend at a minimum 4-5 hours each week developing content for your course. Dedicating time to development will ensure you complete you course by the deadline.

Successful completion includes both engaging in dialogues of peer feedback with colleagues in your cohort and completing a quality course review.
Upcoming Programs
The Center for Teaching and Learning has several course design programs (link to the left) that run for 9 weeks each semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall).

- Spring 2020 programs: February 11 through April 24.
- Summer 2020 programs: May 19 through July 31
- Fall 2020 programs: September 15 through November 20
For more assistance selecting a program or additional information, please contact Emily Goldstein (314-516-4507 or emily.goldstein@umsl.edu).
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