Rating Mac Word Processors
How would you describe those apps you’ve used?
We separated Pages 4.3 and 6.2 because they’re so different. Please don’t fill in a rating for apps you haven’t used significantly. (Note that apps added after initial publication have to be out of alphabetical order.)
Avoid it
Works but has flaws
Solid performer
Very good
Can't live without it
Adobe InCopy
Apache OpenOffice Writer
Growly Write
iText Express
iText Pro
LibreOffice Writer
Mariner Write
Microsoft Word
Nisus Writer Express
Nisus Writer Pro
Pages 4.3
Pages 6.2
Write 2
Tex-Edit Plus
If you use some other Mac-specific word processor, let us know and we’ll add it to the list above. For the purposes of this survey, we consider a word processor to be an app designed primarily for writing and capable of mixing text and graphics and formatting text with arbitrary fonts, styles, and sizes. (To keep the list manageable, we’re not including Web-only apps, Markdown-based text editors, plain text editors, desktop publishing apps, iOS-only apps, apps from questionable sources, or defunct apps.)
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