Commercial Responsibilities in B2B SaaS
Please help us gather additional information about the ownership of commercial customer responsibilities across the technology industry.

This questionnaire will take no longer than 3-5 minutes to complete, and we will use this information to provide additional insights and updates to our original publication on this topic.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and for helping us better understand and support the growing Customer Success community.

- Boaz Maor & Jay Nathan
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1. Which type of customers does your company target MOST? *
2. What is the average / most common length of the sales cycle? *
3. What is the Average Contract Value / Annual Sales Price (ASP) of the initial deals for the segment you sell the MOST to: *
4. What drives most of expansion revenue (i.e. upsell) for the customer segment you sell MOST to? *
5. What would the revenue of a good customer look like 12-18 months after initial sales relative to the original contract: *
6. Who owns Renewals of existing customers? *
7. Who owns Upsells to existing customers? *
8. Who owns Cross-sells to existing customers? *
9. What is the size of your company (in annual recurring revenue)? *
10. Which region in the world your company is based in? *
11. What type of business is your company? *
12. What is the title of the most senior Customer Success leader in the company? *
13. To whom does the most senior Customer Success leader report? *
14. What was your company’s Gross Retention rate in 2019? *
15. What was your company’s Net Retention rate in 2019? *
16. Is there anything else you'd like to share that pertains to this topic? (optional)
17. What is your function at your company? (optional)
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