Informed consent for research study participant
Purpose of this study

The purpose of this study to learn how usable is the new product that we are developing and ways to improve the product to meet the users' requirements. Your participation will help us create better user experience for people like you.

Information we will collect

We will ask you about your experience with planning, productivity and to some degree your personal fulfillment (to ensure we understand your goal, your motivations, the problems you face etc. so that the product we are designing can fit your work). We will also observe you doing activities on the platform and talk about them.


During the session, we will ask your permission to take:
1. Hand-written notes
2. Digital photographs/ Video (if necessary)
3. Digital audio recording
4. Recording of the screen share

By signing this form, you are giving us permission to use your verbal statements, as well as the collected information above for the purpose of illuminating, demonstrating and evaluating research finding internally.

This is in no way a product endorsement and your interview will not be used other than the stated purpose above and will not be shared publicly in any way.

Non Disclosure
We may discuss ideas with you on plans, concepts, products and services. We are doing this so that we can get feedback only.

By signing this form, you agree not to tell anyone about this or provide information about those ideas to anyone outside of this study.

Freedom to withdraw
You are free to refuse to participate, take a break, or withdraw from this study at any time. Please let us know.

After reading this form and if you agree with these terms, please show your acceptance by selecting 'Yes, I Agree' and Submit below. *
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