Cabrillo Volunteers! 2019-2020 School Year
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Please check any activities that interest you from any of the three categories below. You will be contacted during the school year to determine which activities will work best for your schedule.
The time commitment for these activities varies, but most only require one or two hours a month.
(See position descriptions below for more detail)
Position Descriptions:
-->Class Liaison: Assigns classroom jobs, creates class directory, organizes teacher gifts, sends out reminders and news updates as needed

-->Class Fundraising Representative: Coordinates school fundraising efforts for the class

-->Class Scheduler: Works with teacher and parents to schedule classroom volunteers

-->Class Field Trip Coordinator: Coordinates drivers for class field trips; collects driver paperwork

--> Class Party/Event Coordinator: Coordinates volunteers and donation requests for class parties

-->Class Materials Prep: Prepares materials for upcoming projects in the classroom

-->Online Fundraising Coordinator: Encourages and provides families information about online fundraising opportunities (ex: Amazon Smile, Shoparoo)

-->Baker: provides freshly baked goods for school events and fundraisers (Scholastic Book Fairs & Pie Day)
Volunteer from Home Positions:
Volunteer Activities at School
The time commitment for these activities varies, but most only require one or two hours a month.
(See Descriptions below for more detail)
Position Descriptions:
-->Class Field Trip Driver/Chaperone: 3-4 hours/month. Must have current insurance declarations, PSD driver form & fingerprints by Life Scan on file

-->Classroom Aide: Assists in class for a 2-3 hours at a time, depending on availability

-->Class Party Worker: 1-2 hours/month. Helps with set-up and clean-up of class parties and events

-->P.E. Volunteer: 1 hour/week. Volunteers to help lead outdoor games and other physical activities

-->Drama Volunteer: 1 hour/week for half the school year. Assists Spindrift Drama Teacher

-->Art: 2 hours/every other week. Volunteers to help teach regularly scheduled Art classes

-->Music Volunteer: 1 hour/week for half the school year. Volunteers to help teach basic music skills, including singing, simple dances, etc.

-->Library Aide: 2 hours/week. Helps with shelving and checking out books

-->Cabrillo Track & Field: 2 hours/week, March-May. Helps train students in track & field events after school in the Spring to train for the Junior Olympics

-->Lost and Found Organizer: 1 hour/month. Sorts through the Lost and Found closet monthly

--> Band Booster: 3-4 hours/month. Chaperones and drives for middle school band events and performances
These are School-Wide events, and usually require 6-8 hours once a year, depending on the event.
(See position descriptions below for more detail)
Position Descriptions:
-->Fog Fest Booth Volunteer -- Volunteers to serve concessions at the Cabrillo Fog Fest Booth approx. 2-3 hours

-->Book Fair Volunteer -- Helps with book sales or bake sale at the Scholastic Book Fair, held twice yearly

-->Bingo Night Volunteer -- Helps with ticket sales and coordinates prizes for this evening event

-->Auction Volunteer -- Helps with decorations, food, organizing auction items, event staffing etc.
Fundraising & Special Event Positions:
These usually require monthly meetings in the afternoon or evening.
(See position descriptions below for more detail)
Position Descriptions:
-->Cabrillo Site Council -- Attends three to four meetings a year to provide input on the site school budget

-->Cabrillo Literacy Committee Member --Attends 3-4 meetings a year after school to plan events promoting literacy

-->Pacifica Education Foundation Ambassador --Attends monthly meetings at District Office the first Tuesday of the month and attend monthly Cabrillo PTO meetings

-->Parent Council Representative --Attends monthly meetings with representatives from other Pacifica Schools and reports updates to the Cabrillo PTO

--> Grant Writer --Researches and Writes grant proposals based on need; attend monthly PTO meetings

Committee Positions:
If you have other skills or volunteer interests, please describe them here:
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