Independent Evaluation of the Healthy Minds Framework in Sheffield - Final Questionnaire
Firstly, thank you for expressing your interest in completing this final Evaluation Questionnaire.

The final Evaluation Questionnaire will explore your experiences of support for emotional wellbeing and mental health, following the implementation of the Healthy Minds Framework (HMF) in your child’s school. The Questionnaire will also ask your opinion on the ways that children and young people may be supported in the long-term.

The Questionnaire builds upon your previous responses to the initial Evaluation Questionnaire, which you completed earlier this year, and enables the University to gain a more complete understanding of the impact of the HMF in your child’s school.

Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from this process at any time. All data that you provide will be treated confidentially, and you will not be expressly identified in the research findings.

Finally, thank you again for taking part in this Evaluation Questionnaire. It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Kindly complete the Questionnaire by 11th June 2018. If you have any queries or would prefer the Questionnaire in an alternative format, please do not hesitate to contact the HMF Evaluation Research Assistant.

Professor Tom Billington
Professor of Educational and Child Psychology
University of Sheffield

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