WHONDRS Metabolite Biogeography Metadata
Please note that your samples will not be processed until we have received this completed digital metadata form. If you have any questions, please contact WHONDRS@pnnl.gov. Please ensure you notify WHONDRS@pnnl.gov the same day you ship your samples.
Sample ID *
Date of sampling (month/day/year) *
Time of sampling start (local time) *
Local time zone *
Name of sampler *
Organization/Institution *
Name of river *
Latitude (decimal degrees) *
Longitude (decimal degrees *
Sampling location: City *
Sampling location: State/Province
Sampling location: Country *
Height of water column at sampling location (cm) *
Water temperature at 50% depth (deg C) *
pH value from colorimetric pH strip (newer kit version only)
Upload four pictures of the field site. Name with "sample ID - across, up, down, or sed" for across stream, upstream, downstream, or close up sediment). Upload picture of hard copy data sheet "sample ID - data". Upload picture of pH strip (if included in kit) "sample ID - pH". *
Approximate distance from gauging station (m)
If stream gauge/discharge data is publicly available online, provide the link. Data must be recorded at a minimum frequency of two hours.
If data is not publicly available online, upload stream gauge/discharge data for a minimum of three months prior to sampling. Two years or more is preferred. Name the file with the Sample ID. Data must be recorded at a minimum frequency of two hours.
Is the site upstream or downstream of gauging station?
Gauging station latitude (decimal degrees)
Gauging station longitude(decimal degrees)
What are the primary sources of variation in river flow?
Is there a meteorological station nearby?
If yes, name and link of meteorological station.
Was there precipitation in the last week?
If yes, number of days since precipitation.
Is there a dam upstream of the sampling location?
If yes, distance from nearest dam (m) and name of dam.
Are there any upstream contamination sources?
If yes, distance, type, and source.
Are there water quality data for the site?
If yes, list types of water quality data.
Is there published work on the site?
If yes, links and citations to published work.
Additional Notes (relevant field conditions; deviations from protocol; major hydromorphic features):
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