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Families welcome, participation requested, meals provided! Ticket info below.
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So those of you fortunate enough to be in a teepee last year know that these are SWEET. There are 18 teepees that can sleep anywhere from 1-6+ people. If you stay in a teepee, note that you will be in closer proximity to music and the evening campfire action. Earplugs can solve for that though. But these have sleeping pads, plenty of room, and are really cool.

This year, we will also be giving first consideration for teepees to people/groups willing to participate and host in the Tasty Teepee Crawl (more details to come).

There is plenty of room for those of you who prefer tents.

So this year, we will be designating a camping area specifically for families or anyone else who might want to be further removed from the nighttime sound. This area will be on the other side of the dining/kitchen area.

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Kidsville/Quiet Zone Camping
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Tasty Teepee Crawl
This year one of the highlights of our weekend will be a Tasty Teepee Crawl. Saturday early evening we'll have an open house of theme teepees designed by all of you. Come up with a killer theme, assemble your crew, pimp out your teepee, serve up either a drink (kid friendly options a plus) or a small dessert, and host! After dinner, the teepees will open up for a couple hours for an evening crawl for everyone at Camp Tasty.

Teepee hosts will get first dibs on teepees, a small stipend, and lots of love. What teepee will take the Crawl Cup?

If yes, please complete the teepee registration form here:

Tasty Teepee Participation
In the Tasty spirit, we ask that everyone contribute time and energy to Camp Tasty. Check any of the ways you'd like to participate. * is ones we could use a lot of help with!
Any ideas for activities you might want to lead or facilitate?
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Please include me in the Camp Tasty planning Google group.
Do you have any equipment, supplies, outdoor games, lighting, projector, screens, decor, audio equipment or anything else you think you could share?
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If you haven't been to a Tasty event before, who is your connection to Tasty?
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Tickets are $190 per person for ages 18 and up. $110 for kids ages 5-18 and kids 5 and under are free. Bring your own alcoholic beverages. All meals are included from Friday dinner through to Sunday lunch.

To secure your spot at Camp Tasty, submit this form and please Paypal the total to: To make alternate payment arrangements, please email

Thanks and see you at Camp Tasty!!

Any questions? Email Brent ( and Trina (

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