VCS School and Admin Survey
MN Department of Education requirements state that each year, the school administrator has to send out a survey to stakeholders as part of an annual evaluation. This survey is for parents, students, community members, and teachers/staff to provide input of their experience during the year. We would ask that anyone filling this survey out, to please have first hand knowledge of events at the school in order to best serve our communities. The survey is anonymous, however there is an opportunity at the end to add your contact information if you would like to receive a follow-up response to your comments. Abusive or obviously falsified comments will be disregarded. Thank you for your time in helping us to improve.
The person taking the survey is... *
How long has the survey taker been personally involved with VCS? *
Number of school events the survey taker has attended in the current year (plays, conferences, board meetings, etc) *
The school admin has been available to answer questions or respond to concerns this year. *
If answered 'no' above, please provide additional information to the circumstances involved or what could have been done to improve service.
How would you rate the following: *
Very Negative
Generally Negative
NA, Neutral, or No Opinion
Generally Positive
Very Positive
Overall school performance (academics)
Climate at the school
General improvement over last year
General safety of the school
If there were any 'negative' answers above, could you provide additional information or suggestions on improvement for the future.
Any additional comments or suggestions for the staff to consider? If you would like a response to a question or review, please include contact information in this box otherwise staff will be unable to respond.
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