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1 No'lu Metin (Resident Evil 4)
Leon travels to an undisclosed village in Spain where he encounters a huge contingent of unruly villagers who pledge their lives to Los Iluminados, the cult that perpetuated Ashley’s kidnapping.He meets Luis Sera, a former Los Iluminados researcher, who aids Leon on his mission. By examining Sera’s notes, Leon discovers that Los Iluminados gained control of their subjects by implanting a mind controlling parasite known as "Las Plagas" into their bodies. Unfortunately, Leon and Luis are captured, during which time Leon is injected with the parasite. After escaping and meeting a mysterious man, only known as the Merchant, who supplies Leon with ordnance and weaponry, Leon returns to his objective. He travels across a lake where he faces a large and dangerous creature, "Del Lago".
1 No'lu Metnin Çevirisi
Leon, Los Iluminados, Ashley, Luis Sera, Las Plagas, Del Lago çevrilmeden geçirilecektir.
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2 No'lu Metin (Metro 2033)
Artyom's physical appearance is never fully described. The only known traits are that he is taller along with having a bit darker skin tone than other people his age and having visibly Russian features. Artyom is depicted as a bookish, thoughtful, and well-meaning character, whose over-contemplation of things tends to keep him philosophical, but his inexperience often leaves him helpless (for which he often feels guilty over). Most of this is justified by his almost hermetic life in VDNKh - since his knowledge about the rest of the metro is rather rudimentary. Artyom likely has Musophobia (fear of rats) because when he sees one he panics and experiences nausea. He was also terrified when he saw a hallucination of Hunter as a rat. The cause of his musophobia is probably rooted in what happened to his mother and station as a child.
2 No'lu Metnin Çevirisi
Artyom, VDNKh, Hunter çevrilmeden geçirilecektir.
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