Horse Safety Quiz 2021
Please review the information in this form to satisfy the safety meeting requirement for the 2021 Barron County fair. The intention of the meeting is to make members aware of safety guidelines and information available to them. If you would like copies of any of the information below, please contact Sheila Kisling.

Family members may complete the form together, make sure you list all names.

Barron County Fair - Horse Guidelines:
*Safety clinic requirement this year. Project members must attend 1 of 2 Safety meetings to meet the 2021 Barron County Fair requirement (or complete this form).
Must belong to a group/organization, including 4-H
Must comply with all state guidelines. All requirements that are needed for the fair can be found in the ‘Main Horse Project Book’ WI – 4’H Horse Guidelines Handbook,
click here:

Please review the following documents as related to your participation in the 4-H Horse Project:
Please watch the following video
Horse Member Name(s) (first and last)
4-H Club
Name the brand of helmet that is required to wear when mounted or driving on show grounds? *
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True or False. All riding boots should have a cut-out heel. *
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Where should I mount my horse on the fairgrounds? *
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Closed toe shoes with a heel are required when riding. *
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Read an article and tell us 2-3 horse safety facts you learned. (2-3 facts per member) *
List 4 horse classes at the fair. *
Please check all that apply (to be filled out by parent) *
Name of parent filling out above information. *
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