One of the biggest drawbacks for the disabled in our society is to gain meaningful employment. Most of you will have a job when you finish your schooling. Imagine what it does to your self worth if you couldn`t find meaningful work? Thus the push to help in this regard.

Work means independence to almost everyone.

It has been a long road but with organizations like AiMHi advocating on their behalf, many doors have been opened for the disabled.

The reason for each quiz is to help you remember what you have just experienced. If you wish to take the quiz again, you can. Once you are satisfied from this learning module, please move on. The expectation is that if you do repeat the quiz that you do it right away.

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Up until now, all the questions have been multiple choice. This quiz changes things up a bit. This quiz is not going to be about learning something from a screen or video. It is going to be about you thinking outside the box a bit.  In 200 words or less, we want you to prepare a recommendation, a marketing plan if you will.  The objective is to spread the word in your community for those who cannot speak for themselves. Your GOAL will be to advocate for the disabled to employers in you city. How would you, or a group of you at your school approach companies to look at options to hire the disabled and what tools might you use to spread the word? Remember there are no grades, etc. The purpose of this short paper is to get you thinking about how you would tackle this problem. Good luck and if you wish some help, drop us a line at info@adventuresinhealthcare.com *
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