Request for adding a security company to Ajax apps
Fill out the form to apply for adding your company to the list of security organizations in Ajax apps.
Adding a security company to an app allows users to send a monitoring request with a single tap. Generally, it takes up to 48 hours to add your company to an Ajax app once the form has been filled out correctly.
Company name *
This is what your security company will be called in Ajax apps
Coverage area *
Specify cities, regions, or areas in which your company accepts facilities for monitoring
Displayed in Ajax apps in the description of your company
Sales department contact information *
Displayed in Ajax apps in the description of your company so that customers can contact you. You can specify phone numbers and e-mail.
Contact e-mail address *
This email will be used for receiving monitoring requests from users who want to be connected to monitoring. Also, we will use this address to keep you informed of all updates and planned works.
Newsletter language *
You will receive a newsletter from our company in this language
Monitoring station chief engineer contacts *
These contacts will only be used to inform you promptly about all updates and planned works.
Link to a file with the company logo *
The logo must be saved in jpeg format and be sized at 300 x 300 px. To send the link, you can use any file hosting or cloud storage. For example, Google Drive.
Country code *
For example, UA — Ukraine, RO — Romania
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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