Syllabus Verification for P.E. TEAM SPORTS
P.E. - Team Sports
Foresthill High School- Fall 2018
Mrs. Cottingham
School phone # : 367-5244 x-3202 E-mail:

This class is designed to allow students to further enhance their athletic abilities in a variety of team sports in a positive and fun environment.

Goals and Objectives

Students will be expected to:
Participate and dress down daily WORTH MOST OF THE GRADE!
Use proper sportsmanship and teamwork at all times
Demonstrate understanding of rules and strategies of various sports through periodic assessments
Develop and improve their agility, flexibility and cardiovascular capabilities

Class Format

We will have a basic structure of various Team Sports units within the class. In each unit we will learn about the sport, compete in various teams in the sport, then finish each unit with a tournament to crown a “champion”. We will allow for some flexibility to adjust schedules due to weather and other factors.
Each day we will start with warm ups, stretches, then complete a basic cardio component (often times it will be run-walks), and then go into our team sports activity.

P.E. Uniform
Foresthill PE Uniform OR
Students may wear a PLAIN grey T Shirt (No tank tops or cut-offs allowed this shirt must be marked PE) and Plain Maroon or Black athletic shorts. Shorts must be school appropriate (no spandex shorts, short shorts, or see through leggings)
*Laced athletic shoes * socks

The Foresthill P.E. Dept. will make loaners available to those students who do not have their P.E. clothes that day. Please note the following guidelines regarding loaners:

* If a student does not have their clothes that day, they are required to wear a loaner (points will be deducted after 3rd set borrowed).
* Refusal to dress in correct uniform will result in appropriate disciplinary response ie. loss of credit for the day and student reflection on how to resolve the issue via student-teacher conversation. Second offense, teacher-parent communication. Continued uniform policy issues may be addressed by administration to reach resolution.


Students will be given a PE locker on the first day of class. It is the student's’ responsibility to keep their valuables in their locker and keep it locked. Items left out at the end of the day will be placed on the benches for 1 week before they are given to lost and found. Any items left in the lockers at the end of the term will be donated, so students must make sure to clean everything out of their lockers by the last day of the semester.

Roll, Second Roll and Tardies

First Roll- First Roll for the class will be taken 5 minutes after the final tardy bell rings. Students not in their designated stretching spot will be marked tardy at that time.

Tardies- A tardy will cost the student 3 points (out of 10) for their Daily Dress/ Attendance.

Second Roll- Students will be let back into the locker room with 10 minutes left of class. After they dress down and clean up, they are required to return to their stretching spots for a second roll. Students who do not check back in for second roll will be given a cut for the class, and a referral will be sent to the office.

Grading Policy

Daily Dress & Participation (10 points daily) 75%
(Participation means full positive participation in activity
Daily Point Breakdown
Social Infraction or non-participation -1 to -10 pts
Tardy -3pts
Unexcused absence/cut or Non-Suit 0 pts

Written/Discussion Assignments 25%
Rules & Strategy Tests
Activity related discussions

Make-Ups & PLUS Period

Students can always choose to pass on participating in the class if they do not feel well for any reason- they do not need a note from home stating that they do not feel well. If a student chooses to sit out, it is the student's’ responsibility to make up those activities at a later time.

Students can use PLUS period to make-up points needed via running. A 1-mile run under 11 minutes will be required to make-up any absence (or to make up points).

Medically Excused

Students can always choose to pass on participating in the daily fitness activity if they do not feel well for any reason- they do not need a note from home stating that they do not feel well. If a student chooses to sit out of a fitness activity, it is the student's’ responsibility to make up that fitness component at a later time.

*The only time a fitness activity is not required to be made up is if the student has a doctors note which excuses the student from PE activity.

Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones are permitted only for music and only when the students are participating in a Fitness run or walk. They are not to be used during the stretches, or during the game activity during the class period. Chromebooks will be used for certain classwork when the instructor indicates so- otherwise they are to remain secured in the student’s locker.

Having a phone or chromebook out at inappropriate times or using them for purposes other than designated by the instructor or the school (please see the “Acceptable Use” policy in the student handbook) will result in confiscation and turning the items over to the office.

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