OurChurch.Com Survey - March 2017
March is Premium Plugin Month at OurChurch.com. Please complete the form below to help us better understand your thoughts on website plugins. For more on Premium Plugin Month go to http://blog.ourchurch.com/2017/03/02/3-new-premium-plugins/

Paul Steinbrueck

Does your organization sell anything?
Do you currently sell these products or services on your website?
Are you interested in adding a full-feature shopping cart to your website?
Does your organization ever hold events which require signing up or purchasing tickets beforehand?
Do you currently have a way for people to sign up for events or purchase tickets online?
Are you interested in adding online event registration or ticket purchasing to your website?
Are you interested in adding a zooming image slider which gradually zooms in and out on images as they're displayed? Example - http://grandvistapools.com
Is there any other new functionality you would like to have on your website?
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Do you have any other comments, questions or suggestions for us?
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Email Address (This survey is anonymous. If you want us to respond to any questions/comments or if you'd like us to send you the survey results, we need you to leave your email address.)
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