Aviators Cheer Season 7 Try Out Registration Form
You must fill out a form prior to attending try outs.

Please make sure you fully read the try out pack available on www.aviatorscheer.co.uk/join

If you have any questions, please email hello@aviatorscheer.co.uk

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Please choose below which team try outs you will be attending. Read the info pack carefully and tick all that apply. Remember, you must attend your youngest team try out session, if you wish to be considered for an older team or as a crossover you must attend both eligible sessions. You will need to book into these sessions after you have completed this form. *
Do you wish to be considered as a flyer? If so you must book into a flyer assessment. *
Do you have previous cheerleading or gymnastics experience? If so please detail below. Please be specific and describe the level or skills achieved. *
Do you currently cheer on a program outside of Aviators? If so please detail below *
Please tell is which tumbles you are currently able to perform on a standard sprung floor without a spot or equipment. *
If you have previous cheer experience, what would you  say is your primary position? *
We sometimes over a small amount of cross over positions (more than one team) for athletes for teams they are age eligible for. An athlete may also be eligible to cross age ranges. For example if an athlete is 11 they would be eligible for both a junior team and a senior team. If answer is no, we will consider the athlete for the team where we think they would contribute best. Would you be interested in a cross over position if appropriate? (please note additional cross over fees apply, please see info pack) *
Do you intend to try out for Aces? You must be born 2008 or earlier. *
If you are trying out for Aces and are successful, do you wish to cross over to a domestic team?  (Please note if this is the case you MUST book into senior team try outs and assessments) *
If you are trying out for Aces and do not make the team do you wish to be considered for a domestic team? (Please note if this is the case you MUST book into senior team try outs and assessments) *
Team training sessions are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and evenings. Please make a note of all days you are free. Please note this is for guidance only and we will always offer placements based on where we think you are best suited first. Tumble on Sunday is mandatory for all comp team athletes *
By trying out you agree that your images may be used for promotional material. *
Aviators Cheer and Cheer Coaching UK use this form to collect your data. We will not make this data available to any third parties for whatever reason. Please tick below to accept that you acknowledge this. Full data protection policies are available on our website. *
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