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USSMA Athlete Advisory Committee Candidates

Milan Kubala (Vermont)
I would like express an interest to help. I am based out of Stowe, Vermont and have gotten involved in Skimo racing first time in winter of 2016 in few local races in Vermont. I have enjoyed my time so much that with few friends we have decided to form a local Skimo Race Team out of local Ski shop which I am now a captain of. This past winter we participated in local and reginal races on East coast and in Canada. I also had the privilege to part take in competing in 2017 Grand Traverse. And what a season it was!!! I have met incredible group of people and made new friends whom share the same passion. I am very excited to continue to share my passion this coming year, grow our team and involvement in racing and uphill community on the east coast. We have also successfully completed 1st Skimo Training Camp on December 9th 2017. Our resources so far have been Catamount trail association, Jonathan Sheffts from NERando, SkimoEast, Jeremy Arnold and Stevie Kramer (whom I met through Jesse Mattner). Watching how much this sport has taken off here on the East Coast is very exciting and I would like to use this opportunity to get involved beyond our borders. My previous experience participating on committees, including Executive committee of USPTA, USTA, board member of the Midwest USPTA, Committee chair for USTA Adult tennis programming (grant review and writing, Programming etc…..)

Tom Nelson (Oregon)
I am writing to provide more detail on my interest in service on the USSMA Athlete Advisory Committee. I am relatively new to ski mountaineering racing and the USSMA. During the past two seasons I have competed at local NW races and larger events in Utah and Idaho. I have ambitious personal goals for my ski mountaineering racing in 2018 and in the years to come with a focus on the larger domestic National Cup series and international events such as Pierra Menta, PDG and Tour du Rutor. Having competed in FIS/USSA Alpine, FIS/ USAA Nordic ski racing, USA Cycling/UCI road racing events, and elite level trail running races, I have had broad exposure to many types off racing events, organizations and issues impacting all levels of athletes. With over 25 years of high level competition, I feel I clearly understand what athletes are looking for from their governing organizations and athlete representatives. I am motivated to see the sport and the USSMA continue to grow in future years and would work hard to be a strong voice for all USSMA athlete members. Thank you for your consideration, Tom Nelson

Michela Adrian (Montana)
I would like to be on the USSMA Athlete Advisory Committee because I would love to be more involved with and more knowledgeable about the development of Skimo racing in the U.S.. I understand that a lot of the activity for the board probably occurs in CO and I live in MT, but...I thought that I would perhaps be able to skype/Facetime in to meetings if needed. Depending on the timing and location I could perhaps make meetings in person.
I think that having representation throughout the U.S. is important to helping increase awareness of the sport and to getting more people involved. If this sport is truly going to take off it will need continued support from places like CO and UT but also from other locations and from the formation of clubs throughout the country. I've been busy the last few years with school but now that Im finished, I hope to be able to form a Skimo club/group in the near future in my region. I also hope to help promote races in MT this season and next and help get more Skimo racers from MT to attend CO/UT etc. events. I feel that I will be able to achieve increased awareness of the sport in the Bozeman & Montana area by having a voice in the USSMA organization to represent its racers. Being able to bring the success that USSMA has had in CO and UT to MT would be amazing. I know this is happening in some locations (Missoula and Whitefish) and I hope to help promote that growth if I can in this region. Plus, I think being on the board would be fun! If you need more information about me let me know. Thank you!

Eric Carter (Living in BC Canada going to school - from Minnesota)
I would like to be part of the AAC to help steer the direction of the USSMA and more generally, ski mountaineering racing in the USA as well as to help provide up and coming athletes with assistance from more experienced athlete. I’d like to see an emphasis placed on high performance at the World Cup and World Championships level and for the USSMA to support those athletes as much as possible.

Catherine Bradley Richmond (Colorado)
I have been racing USSMA events now five years and I am so grateful it saved my life it would be a great opportunity to give back. I am a certified USSA Alpine Racing coach(#6787784). I am also a USA yoga coach (and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider(#73180-RYT 1000) and a USA level 3 Hockey Coach(#239800116) I am safe-sport certified and would like to help open safe-sport to USSMA. I serve on the Associate Board of directors of USA yoga. I have a master’s degree in Kinesiology with specialization in Exercise Physiology and a current teaching credential for K-12 PE, Art & Science in Colorado and California. The feeling of racing is so wonderful, and I am so grateful, I hope to be of service. Here are links to a coach bio and associate board bio if you need more info about me. Thank you!

Jaime Brede (Colorado)
Thank you for considering me for the Athlete's Advisory Council. I would like to be on the committee for the following reasons:
1) I am passionate about the sport and would like to see it grow in the U.S.
2) I am interested in learning about how board governance works by serving as an active member
3) Informally, I have a lot of experience as an endurance athlete and want to contribute to future athlete's experience(s) in providing a positive, challenging yet safe, authentic ski mountaineering experience that promotes not only Skimo racing but heightened awareness for back-country "fast touring" in the US.
4) What if a new generation of "touring only" resorts start springing up in the USA? I would love to be part of that movement!

Patrick Woods (Colorado)
I first truly learned about ski mountaineering as a traditional mountaineer. During some Denali training missions in 2009, I began watching backcountry skiers cruising down the same peaks I was hiking down and was immediately intrigued and questioning why I was “wasting” my time walking both directions when I should at least be skiing down. I began carrying my alpine skis up and then skiing down. Not long after, a buddy introduced me to Arapahoe Basin's previously held Marmot Grind event and I signed up for my first skimo race. Registering on a whim, I borrowed some gear and essentially learned how to skin on the course but loved every moment – even my ten+ minute transitions. What interested me about skimo racing back then is the same thing that continues to interest me today…I love the concept of pushing myself to the limit while competitively skinning, booting and skiing the most difficult parts of ski areas with this amazing community of people. It’s a badass sport and I have been hooked since.
I began seeking lighter weight equipment, skinning resorts and participating in COSMIC series events - albeit mostly in the recreational category. Since my initial Marmot Grind event, I have participated in several races all over the state of Colorado (Summit County, CB, Grand Traverse, Wolf Creek, Steamboat, Powderhorn), in Montana, Courchevel, France and just traveled to New Hampshire last weekend to learn more about the Granite Backcountry Alliance and compete in their Mt. Washington Road skimo race. While I’m not an elite racer and still struggle with spandex, I love participating in a variety of skimo events for the overall experience and challenge (typically rather than my place), travelling to new ski communities and meeting the people…heck I even enjoy following along online with race photos and results when I cannot attend.
It has been very exciting to see the progression of the sport domestically, from resort adoption to the number and location of events to the competitive development and commitment of the skimo athletes. It is not lost on me how difficult this must have been from a time, energy and operational standpoint to create, grow and unify the skimo culture in the U.S into what it is today. I have been an active participant in skimo now for several years and I would love to give back to the sport and support all of the hardworking race organizers, volunteers and governing groups by building upon the momentum and assisting the USSMA field the next generation of athletes for the world stage.
Based on my skimo experiences and personality, I believe I can strongly assist from the National Team/competitive side of athlete involvement to engaging the first-timers with heavy metal gear to all of the athletes somewhere in the middle with varied race expectations and goals.
Time/Experience Commitment - I own a small marketing company in Denver and can maintain a flexible schedule. As such, it would be a pleasure to commit my time and athlete/business/creative experience to contribute with all USSMA’s meeting and time requests as detailed in the bylaws and/or where additional time is needed to fulfill the Committee’s goals.
Whether it has been within our company organization or working with our clients, I understand the benefits and challenges of running a lean operation and how the process can be intense and taxing. However with a shared vision and solid execution, I know the end result is something you are proud of for the rest of your life.
It would be an honor to be on the Athlete Advisory Committee and I hope that you’ll consider me for the position.

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