Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium Facility Request Form
LFOP is available for rental for Yale events hosted by Yale University Departments at the rate of $175/hr.

Yale events must fit around our on-going educational and outreach activities. To obtain details about renting the observatory and planetarium for a Yale Department event, please read and fill out the following form.

A description of the facility and floor plans can be found here: https://drive.google.com/a/yale.edu/file/d/0B7_HtA0nNvyfaWNmZDQ5d1Utc3c/view?usp=sharing

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SCHOOLS: Schools will be charged $150 per planetarium show (max 50 students per show) and these visits are offered only on Friday mornings from 9am to 12pm. To arrange a visit for a school, please contact victoria.misenti@yale.edu.

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We will automatically add 1 hour of set-up and 1 hour of clean-up to your event time so please put the time range of the actual event. Please put any relevant details in the comments field below.
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How many people do you expect to attend? *
(LFOP is a small space and max capacity is 120 for the entire building)
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Do you plan to serve alcohol? *
We require a certified bartender; a copy of the license must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your event. If the bartender is hired through the caterer, The Certificate of Liability Insurance from the caterer will cover the bartender. Please note that red wine is not allowed in the building.
Will you be providing food at your event? *
We require event organizers to arrange any catering services and be present at caterer walk-throughs (a walk-through prior to an event will be charged a 1 hr fee of $175), set-up and clean-up. All catering supplies must be cleaned up and removed from the building within the rental time period. Also, please note that chocolate, chocolate cake and red wine / red grape juice are not allowed in the building.
Which facilities do you wish to use? *
A tent may be set up, using an outside rental company, on the grassy area. Please note that any tent, tables & chairs rented for outdoor use only, will remain outside, unattended, over the weekend for pick-up on Monday.
Will you need to be setting up the space differently than it is already? *
The 2 spaces are usually filled with rows of chairs, lecture style. We have 10 folding tables in the building. Outside rental companies are not permitted (exception-outside grassy area only). Please note that we require event organizers to rearrange furniture and put it back the way it was found. You must be present for catering walk-throughs, set-up and clean-up.
Please note: All trash must be thrown away in appropriate receptacles before leaving the building. If provided receptacles are full or there is more trash than can be placed in the receptacles, we require that you remove the trash from the building. We ask that you leave the building in as good condition as you found it when you arrived; if additional cleanup is needed, you may be charged for the cleaning service. Yale events that will require extensive clean up and/or trash removal can arrange for their own facilities work order, if appropriate, in advance.
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