Interest List for the Water Equity and Climate Resilience (WECR) Caucus
The Water Equity and Climate Resilience (WECR) Caucus convenes the foremost leaders working at the intersection of water equity and climate resilience to build strategy, peer power, and policy change. The WECR Caucus does this through peer learning, tool & knowledge development, and shared local, state, federal, and tribal advocacy. For more information, explore our webpage here:

The WECR Caucus works to affect policies that move forward these results:
(1) Safe and affordable drinking water for the 100 million economically vulnerable residents in the U.S.
(2) Water infrastructure investments build climate resilience and expand economic opportunities for communities of color
(3) Economically vulnerable communities have agency in water infrastructure policy making processes that shape their lives

There is more information about our meeting schedule, membership tiers, working groups, and other commitments in the questions below. Fill out this form completely to express your interest in the WECR Caucus and we will follow up within 30 days.

Thank you for your interest in the WECR Caucus, and moreso, thank you for your work to advance water equity and climate resilience for all!

For any questions, email Danielle Ngo (
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The WECR Caucus has Full Membership meetings every other month for everyone to engage in peer learning (e.g., human right to water, federal infrastructure bill, indigenous sovereignty).
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