Alameda County Event Chair Application Form
Apply online or using a paper form for an Event Chai, Co-Chair or Intern Chair position for any of the Alameda County 4-H Events.
"Chair" is designated if you are able to head the event alone, "Co-Chair" if you want to work with another to head the event and "Intern Chair" if you would like to shadow an experienced Event Chair with the idea of heading it as a Chair or Co-Chair in the future.
Event Chair Responsibilities
*Organize and facilitate at least two planning/working meetings
*Work cooperatively with youth, youth leaders, project leaders, club leaders, County Club Council (CCC) and 4-H Staff in creating and implementing the Event
*Set up informational flyer, handout, emailing, or ePost with contact informaton included
*Attend and provide updated reports to CCC meetings
*Serve as a positive role model
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By checking this box I am expressing my understanding that the purpose of the Event Chair/Co-Chair/Intern Chair is to benefit all members and leaders county-wide with an interest in this EVENT *
Eligibility/Term/Application and Selection
ELIGIBILITY: Applicant must be enrolled in the Alameda Counth 4-H Program
TERM: Position will be for ONE 4-H Year with the option to re-apply. Efforts will be made to rotate the position every 2-3 years to encourage broad county participation
APPLICATION: Can be filled out on paper form or online. Paper forms should be submitted to the current County Club Council President or designee. Applications are sought by August 31 to better enable calendaring
SELECTION PROCESS: Appliations will be reviewed and selected by the Alameda County 4-H Leaders's Council Executive Board and submitted to the County Club Council for final approval. Approval will be forwarded to County 4-H Staff for documentation. If no one is available or qualified for the position that position will remain vacant until one is found.
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