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Mind, that Signal is our preferred method of communication. It provides much better privacy and security than any other means of communication. If you sign up for analog mission, you will eventually use Signal on everyday basis to communicate with mission control and primary investigators.
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What country's passport/id you will present to enter the European Union (Poland)?
Required for your visa application and invoicing.
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Select highest level of achieved education. Select level that you have fully completed (and passed exam, if required). We might ask you about the graduation diploma
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Name your field of expertise. For example the title of your studies or the topic that you are working on. Example: Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology etc
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Would you like to participate in an analog mission at AATC habitat?
Human Centrifuge *
Would you like to participate in a human centrifuge training at Military Institute of Aviation Medicine?
Scuba Diving Certification *
Would you like to get a scuba diving certificate (without expiration date). Most of our dives will be at DeepSpot, Poland. You can choose certifying organization: PADI, NAUI, IANTD or all of them. Level of training from introduction to diving to hypoxic trimix technical diving.
Scuba Diving Trip *
Would you like to participate in our scuba diving trips to: Dahab, Egypt; Cozumel, Mexico; Phuket, Thailand; Florida Keys, USA; Groton, USA etc? (Scuba diving certification required: minimum OWD, preferably AOWD + Nitrox)
Stratospheric Ballon Mission *
Would you like to participate in a stratospheric ballon mission with your research or as a tracking and recovery team member?
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