SMUSD LCAP Stakeholder Feedback - GOAL 2: Academic Achievement 聖瑪利諾聯合學區地方控制和問責計劃的利益相關者反饋 - 目標2: 學術成就
The San Marino Unified School District is committed to engaging all stakeholders in the process of establishing our Local Control and Accountability Plans. Only when we build strong relationships with our staff, students, families and community members can we make the changes we need to reach every student. Please take time to review this survey and give us your feedback. All information is anonymous. The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is our road map! It guides us in supporting our students and families. The data from this survey will be included with the stakeholder input that will be shared with the Board of Education as they set the District’s priorities for 2019-2020 Local Control and Accountability Plan. The survey will close on February 9, 2019. To read a complete version of the LCAP please click this link:
聖瑪利諾聯合學區致力於讓所有的利益相關者來參與製定我們的地方控制和問責計劃。只有當學區與員工、學生、本地家庭和社區人士建立牢固的關係時,我們才能在有必要做出改變的時候將信息轉達給每一位學生。 請佔用您的寶貴時間查看此調查並向我們提供反饋。 所有信息都是匿名的。 地方控制和問責計劃(LCAP)是我們前進的路線圖! 它指引我們更好地為學生和本地家庭提供幫助。 該調查的數據將包含在利益相關方的意見書中,該意見書將與學區教育委員會共享,以便他們為2019-2020地區控制和問責計劃的內容制定優先順序。 該調查將於2019年2月9日結束。要閱讀完整版的LCAP,請點擊此鏈接:
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