Sustainability Comms Requirements Survey 2022
This survey is for all those providing sustainability leadership, management and implementation, within a wide range of organisations and industries, public and private. This may be in a 'sustainability' role or team, or as a leader in another team, but with a particular passion and role to play in this area for their organisation.

Your experience and knowledge is critical to transforming society's future. We want to know what all those working in comms and marketing must do to better support you and your peers to build impact and drive transformative change in the face of a growing climate crisis. 

There are five short questions to answer. Huge thanks for your valuable feedback that will help us to shape our programme of work to support all those working in communications to use their expertise to make a positive contribution to action on climate issues and sustainability.

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Please share a bit of detail about who you are and your role, so that we can better analyse the results of this survey and shape our programme of work.
  • Your responses will be anonymised for the purposes of analysis, reporting, sharing, publishing. 
  • If quotes are used from open question 6, they will be anonymised. 
  • Permission will be sought for use of any attribution of quotes from open question 6.
  • Responses will be held by the Comms Action Network for the purpose of tracking change over time. 
  • If you wish retrospectively to remove your name/organisation, please contact to anonymise your entry in the dataset.

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Question 1:   Is your work a major part of your company’s current or future strategy and operations?   Tick the one which is closest to your view. *

Question 2. In your view, how integrated is your work within the communications and marketing activities of your organisation? Tick the one which is closest to your view.


Question 3. How closely do you and your team work with comms and marketing currently? On a scale of 1 to 10


Question 4. What support do you better need from comms and marketing teams to help you increase the impact of what you are doing? Tick one or more boxes.


Question 6. What is your greatest concern about climate and sustainability in relation to your ability to positively contribute to change? And what do you need as a priority from comms and marketing teams to overcome this? Open question - please write a few words to help shape our work.

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